On September 27th, an exhibition featuring works by Norwegian artists Pia Rognes and Hans Hammond is set to open. Located just a 5-minute walk from each other, both artworks represent sculptural interventions in urban spaces specially created for the area around the Cristo and Jean-Claude Center in Gabrovo, as well as the bridge near the Museum of Humor and Satire. The event begins at 18:00 at the entrance of the Center (the former Textile Technical School building).

What to expect: exciting contemporary art, an international audience, a panoramic stroll between the two artworks, and refreshments typical of an art exhibition opening.

Pia Rognes uses textile materials and techniques to explore themes related to inner conflicts and destructive behavior. Her works involve the fusion of sensory, positively charged objects with disgust-inducing, negatively charged ones. She examines the interaction between them and how it can impact human emotions.

The sculpture created by Pia Rognes for Gabrovo resembles a giant larva – a symbol of change and the pain it brings. It raises questions about beauty and therapy in the context of pain and transformation. For more information, visit Pia Rognes’s website.

Photo of Pia Rognes: Magnus Elvar Jonsson

Hans Hammond reflects on the importance of rivers and their interaction with humanity. This artist creates vibrant textile works representing rivers during the period of the textile industry in Gabrovo. He emphasizes the connection between the textile industry and the water resources used in textile production in the past.

Hammond reminds us of the crucial role that rivers play in our world as a source of water, habitat, and energy. For more information, visit Hans Hammond’s website.

Photo of Hans Hammonds: Sarah Fjortoft

These sculptural interventions, along with Stoyan Dechev’s installation “Access,” are part of a series of urban installations within the framework of the “Residence for Balance” project, carried out by the Museum of Humor and Satire in partnership with Gabrovo Municipality as part of the #ФестивалНОвКвартала and program focusing on cultural entrepreneurship, heritage, and collaboration.

The opening of the fourth and final installation, created by artist Martin Penev, is scheduled for October 6th.