Five projects in the public space that can be seen in the area of the Christo and Jeanne-Claude Center

In recent years, the area of the Center has become a hub for cultural innovation and art, hosting several inspiring projects in the public environment. Now, five exceptional artworks enrich the urban landscape and invite you to a unique experience.

1. Nevena Ekimova:

Trash to Treasure is a project by artist Nevena Ekimova, featuring sculpture and video. The project presents the audience of Gabrovo with an environmentally conscious way to contemplate issues related to waste and recycling. The exhibition includes a sculpture made from household and industrial waste, displayed in the courtyard of the former Textile Technical School, as well as a video series, dedicated to the environmental strategies employed by six local enterprises. The Trash to Treasure project traces the fate of waste and its connection to the environment and society, emphasizing the importance of recycling and sustainable waste management.

Watch the Trash to Treasure video series here.

The film is produced by Kamak Films.
Photos: Rosina Pencheva

2. Stoyan Dechev:

Stoyan Dechev is a multidisciplinary artist working with various artistic media and materials. His work focuses on the combination of historical and mythological themes with current issues such as nature, feminism, and others. One of his projects, Access, restores the pillars of the Textile Technical School building and artistically integrates the connection between the history and the future of the location.

3. Hans Hamands:

Hans Hamands is an artist who contemplates the importance of rivers and their influence, using the textile industry as inspiration for his works. He examines how the textile production practices of the past affect the environment and the rivers, highlighting the harmful consequences but also the potential beauty created by this process. The artwork is located in the Yantra River, near the bridge of the Museum of Humor and Satire.

4. Pia Rognes:

Pia Rognes is a sculptor specializing in textile materials and techniques, allowing her to express inner conflicts and destructive behavior. She combines sensory and emotional aspects, exploring the tension between positive and negative objects. Her sculpture in the courtyard of the Christo and Jeanne-Claude Center symbolizes change and raises questions about pain and its meaning.

5. Martin Penev:

Martin Penev is a Bulgarian artist working with various artistic media and themes. He combines childlike naivety and imagination with objects and installations that prompt viewers to contemplate identity, politics, history, and humor. One of his installations, The Ancient Mammoth, which is set to be unveiled on Friday at 7:30 PM, satirizes forgery and identity crises in society. His works are creative, socially engaged, and provocative.

These sculptural interventions by Dechev, Hamands, Rognes, and Penev are part of a series of urban installations within the framework of the Residence for Balance project, carried out by the Museum of Humor and Satire in partnership with Gabrovo Municipality as part of the #ФестивалНОвКвартала and program focusing on cultural entrepreneurship, heritage, and collaboration.

The Trash to Treasure project is produced by the Museum of Humor and Satire with the financial support of the Municipality of Gabrovo and is part of initiatives dedicated to the European Commission’s European Green Leaf environmental award for 2021. The project is implemented with logistical support from the Regional Innovation Center Ambitious Gabrovо. The project is carried out in partnership with: Plastform Ltd., Terahim 97 Ltd., Vizo Ltd., Mak Ltd., LS Tubes Ltd., STS Pack Holding Ltd., Eco Project Ltd., Regional Non-Hazardous Waste Depot – Gabrovo, Cap Gabrovo Initiative.