PERSONAL REALITY – photographic explorations

Within RADLAB’s annual program, six authors were invited to explore the theme of Personal Reality.
Now, we present six photographic series, hand-printed in the studio base located in Gabrovo, using 23 alternative photographic techniques. These processes often involve the creation of images through photosensitive chemicals and DIY tools. The photographers invent their own mediums and methods of work to emphasize the importance of the creative process. Artistic production is an alchemical experiment, a systematic chronicle of exploration that combines disciplines such as chemistry, physics, and psychology with the artists’ own thoughts, attitudes, and relationships as a collective.

This is photography today!


Vladislav Lepoev

Vanessa Lu

Ivelin Penchev – Ivicha Lilyana

Karadjova Nikola

Dyulgyarov USHA


Christo and Jeanne-Claude Center, former Textile Technical School – Gabrovo
Floor I
15:00 // October 7, 2023

The exhibition PERSONAL REALITY is realized as part of the project “Alternative Photography in Contemporary Art and Education” with the financial support of the National Culture Fund.