Two music bands from Gabrovo receive support and encouragement for development at the Christo and Jean-Claude Center

The punk rock band Visoko Krvno consists of three young people from Gabrovo who will graduate from high school in less than a year. The boys started playing music as children, and four years ago they formed a band with the desire to share their original music with the world. They describe their style as DIY punk rock.

Just about four months ago, on May 19th, the band participated in the Koaka concert, which took place at the Christo and Jean-Claude Center during the Gabrovo Carnival. This was their first performance in their hometown. They shared that when they received the invitation to perform at the Center, they didn’t hesitate much because, for them, it is the ideal space for concerts and rehearsals.

Guitarist Marian Avramov says that the cafeteria of the former Textile Technical School reminds him of the place where the iconic Nirvana song from the early ’90s, Smells Like Teen Spirit, was filmed. The boys have different musical idols, but their favorite bands include Linkin Park, Nirvana, and Godsmack.

The vocalist and guitarist of the band is 19-year-old Marian Avramov, who is currently studying at the Raycho Karolev High School. After graduating, he plans to continue his studies in Sound Engineering at the New Bulgarian University.

The young musicians have also formed a second relatively new band called Agastopia, and their style can be described as alternative grunge. On September 15th, their first album titled Meltdown was released on streaming platforms, and a few days later, they performed live at the rock bar The Pit in the capital.

Marian recalls passing by the former Textile Technical School and dreaming with his friends of playing music there. “The building has a special atmosphere,” he shares, insisting that there are other Gabrovo bands that would rehearse in the cafeteria. In the four years since Visoko Krvno started, the boys had to travel to Sofia to rehearse in a rented studio on the weekends because they couldn’t find a suitable space in town.

The musicians dream of the Christo and Jeanне-Claude Center becoming a thriving place that attracts artists and contributes to the development of the musical and cultural scene in Gabrovo. The center gives them hope that future generations of musicians will have more support and motivation for development.

Високо кръвно


Photo: Visoko Krvno (2022)
Photo: Agastopia (2023)